Organizational Development
Yurish Associates helps you stay competitive, manage change and increase quality, productivity and results through effective organizational development. By aligning structure, systems and skills, and defining the competencies required, we help you create a high performance organization. Yurish Associates performs an organizational audit within your company. This enables us to:
  • Recommend an organizational design that facilitates achievement of your objectives.
  • Define roles, responsibilities, competencies and criteria for success to ensure that employees are clear about their expectations.
  • Utilize these criteria to coach individual employees and teams to enhance their performance.
  • Design performance management and compensation systems to support the achievement of business objectives.
  • Build Succession Plans and provide strategic Human Resources Plans.
  • Develop and deliver training and development programs in the areas of Leadership Skills, Team Effectiveness and Customer Service. Customized programs are also prepared based on specific organizational needs.
  • Prepare individual development programs as well as an overall curriculum for the organization.