Operational Effectiveness
Driven by increasing competition, companies like yours must continually improve every aspect of your business including its operational effectiveness, its ability to satisfy customers and its potential to maximize its human resources. Yurish Associates can assist you in assessing your capabilities and then developing and implementing the programs necessary to build a profitable and customer-oriented business. This comprehensive review includes:
  • Business Process Evaluation to assess your organization’s systems, procedures and processes to identify areas of opportunity.
  • Order and Workflow Analysis to evaluate the flow of work, communications and information through your organization.
  • Redesign of internal processes and procedures to optimize the quality, efficiency and productivity of your operations.
  • Development of an organizational design that supports the needs of the business and the newly defined processes.
  • Definition of competencies, responsibilities and criteria for success for all positions.
  • Evaluation of employees against new expectations and creation of the necessary training resources.
  • Documentation of new policies and procedures and delivery of training sessions.